The Innocence of Donald Trump

The 45th President of the United States, Donald John Trump, has been facing some serious flak. The press insults in pretty much any way possible when his opposition tires of making homophobic jokes at his expense, they then start to criticize his family. Today, we have written a piece that shows it’s highly likely, that he is innocent.

In this short period, they have accused President Trump of many crimes, most of them, truly outrageous crimes, of which he is not guilty of a single one. Today, we’ll be talking about how President Trump is innocent from the Russia collusion.

The Case

The United States concluded that the 2016 elections had Russian Interference. Russia used disinformation, data theft, leaks to the press and social media, but as to regards of the vote tallying, they found that there was no interference.

On October 7th, it was revealed by the National Intelligence and Homeland Security that Russia hacked the DNC servers and John Podesta’s e-mail. The Russians proceeded to leak all their documents in the website WikiLeaks. It was determined that the attacks were conducted by Russian hacker groups. The evidence that these groups are associated with the government is very small.


1. There is zero evidence that the President ordered the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton.

2. There is no evidence of any collusion so far because there is no evidence. The FBI is one of the most competent law enforcement branches out there, it finds what it looks for.

3. If the FBI fails – the NSA and CIA possess all information on most people in the world, a scandal this size would not be able to be covered up by anyone, no matter how influent. Something that contributes to his innocence.

4. After losing badly, the Democrats have nothing else to do but push a crazy agenda.

5. The President took the decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, if he had something to hide, it was better to just be low-profile. But the president has nothing to hide, so he will do what needs to be done.

6. He can not be impeached – simply for the lack of motive.


President Trump, although benefitting from the fact of the interference of Russian hackers to spread his campaign, had nothing to do with it in the first place. He also won the electoral college vote without any sort of manipulation. Might I remind you that on election day, he had the majority of the popular vote. After his victory, Democrats went crazy and tried to vote in an election that was already over.