Houston Texans owner Bob McNair was the talk of this NFL on Friday after his remarks through an NFL meeting about the national anthem protests were made public.

McNair was caught on tape saying, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison.”

McNair’s opinion, made during a meeting on Oct. 17 that included other owners, team executives, along with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, may have quite literally “stunned a few in the area,” based on ESPN.

The backlash led to a quick apology by the Texans owner:

The NFL was working to address declining ratings and enthusiast boycotts amid the national anthem protests. Polls have shown consistently that lovers do not concur that the national anthem ought to be utilized as a stage to protest.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who recently announced his players would stand for the national anthem or they would not play, reportedly encouraged the league to come up with a solution or even a mandate to be able to cover the issue that is clearly impacting the NFL’s business.