Charlottesville, Virginia Mayor Michael Singer blamed Trump for the violence and the terrorist attack that claimed one life and left another 19 injured. The Mayor blamed Trump saying that it was the consequence of the spirit Trump has been projecting into the White House. Take a look at this imbecile in the video below.

The smile on this guy’s face is disgusting. He is so focused on blaming Trump that he seems to forget the disgrace that just happened in his city. Right now, as the country should be focused on healing and uniting, he seems set on attacking President Trump, the leader of our country.

The mayor is looking to blame President Trump, however, he seems to forget that he is the one who allowed this disaster to happen. The White nationalist group had been given a permit by city officials, yet the counter protesters did not have this permit. GOP Trump aides just brought to the press the important piece of news that this mess might have made to happen by the DNC.

It’s commendable that the Mayor would allow the White Supremacist the right of protest. This is America after all. However, what seems troubling is how little security he prepared for this event. It is as if he had allowed the White Supremacist to enter the town hoping for a disaster to happen, but that could not be possible….could it? He sure does not look depressed in that interview.

While we cannot condone the actions of the White nationalists, it is very suspicious that there was no police presence since the beginning keeping these two groups apart. Let’s make this abundantly clear. The protest was completely expected and scheduled and the mayor failed to coordinate enough police presence.

So the Mayor was criminally incompetent, or he purposely allowed this to happen to score more points for the Democratic propaganda. To the Democratic party out there, refrain from playing the blaming game because you are just as responsible.

Your decision to remove Confederate monuments, it’s a political one. You do not care about doing the right thing. For many years, these monuments were in place, and it did not stop the progress of the black people in America. The fact there was a black president for the last 8 year is proof of it.

The removal of Confederate monuments is an attempt to poke at the right hoping for an accident to happen in order to score a political win. President Trump was absolutely correct when he said there is plenty of blame on both sides, but he wasn’t solely blaming the counter protesters, he was blaming the Democratic party for them.

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