The Democrats will now have to face even more backlashes after this big name for their party was shut down and arrested.

He had direct ties with NY politician Bill de Blasio, he was arrested for being in possession of thousands of images and videos on his portable computer. The videos allegedly show young female toddlers, aged from six to sixteen months partaking in sexual activities with males, among different things.

His father commented on the issue, not concerned for the victims, but concerned for his son and family reputation. Jacob’s action impact not just his life, however, the life of his entire family, and conjointly of the NYC politician, as queries begin to rise.

Schwartz was the leader of the Manhattan Young Democrats, who have currently, on an announcement to the Daily Mail, mentioned that they will still pursue their goal and are not any longer associated to Schwartz.

He was employed by the Department of Design and Construction as a computer programmer. He had antecedently helped his father on the campaign for district leader in Greenwich Village.

His father, who has ties with former Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, additionally showed concern relating to the charges and aforementioned that his son is already in medical treatment for these problems. Jacob will be facing many charges, as the victims are yet to come forward, so it is unknown at this time how much time he could be sentenced with.

As in regards to what he was arrested for, these felonies are category D and E, which suggests that Jacob may spend his entire youth in prison. The degenerate stands at his home at the instant, as he paid the $7,500 bail that was needed

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