President Donald Trump began a firestorm of play after he obtained stress concerning why he hadn’t known as the families of fallen soldiers in Niger. The press and even Obama aides then responded by asserting this was not true.

One day after, Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) came out stating that she listened in to a telephone to one of those families Trump called and heard him say that “he understood exactly what he signed up for, but if it occurs, it hurts anyhow”

Ever since then, the tragic passing of four soldiers in Niger has been politicized. But now, one Gold Star widow is telling her story of her phone with President Trump, and it is ruining the story that’s been pushed.

Michelle Black is the widow of Special Forces soldier Bryan Black, who had been among those four soldiers killed in Niger. Black told Fox News that her husband spoke three languages, for instance, local dialect in Niger, and turned into a star among those there for this.

She stated:

“I know that I married a true hero, whether it would’ve been on the battlefield or just in life in general. When you have true moral integrity and you care that much for other people that you’re willing to put your life on the line. You’re a hero whether it’s over there or here.”

Subsequently Black went on to describe her call with President Trump. She noticed that although she had been aware of the controversy surrounding the president along with his opinions, her experience was far different than what others were saying.

“I’m very grateful that he called and he spoke to the kids. And I think that the excitement from that made it a little better, even if it was just for a minute.

So, yeah, he was very gracious, and I appreciate anyone who calls cause like I said, that takes quite a bit of bravery to call into that kind of situation.”